Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Visit to EcoHome on San Pablo Ave.

Have you been into EcoHome since they opened a few years ago? This showroom, design studio and paint bar offers eco-friendly advice for renovators. Have a hands-on look at no- or low-VOC paints, flooring, American Clay plasters, custom cabinetry, countertops, tile and more that's easy on the earth.

I popped in last week to pick up material on Marmoleum, the new-wave linoleum, for clients who are in contract to buy an Eichler, and had a great chat with co-founder Taja di Leonardi. She gave me a coldwater catcher she prototyped and manufactures(to catch and re-use the cold water that preceeds the hot water you need), and we talked about a shower timer they sell (won't work in my house because boys won't voluntarily turn the timer on before then step in). They are about to start selling the shower tool we've discussed here before that turns your shower water off as soon as it gets to temperature (if, say, you're off folding laundry or brushing teeth). This post at Treehugger.com includes a great video on the Roadrunner (the turn-off valve with shower head, for $39.99);

(By the way, while searching for the Roadrunner, I came across an Australian post for an Aqualim shower head that offers x gallons of shower water, reduces shower flow to signal impending shut off, and then shuts off. A nice way to make sure the showers are reasonable in length! And there's a temperature-sensitive light fitting you can add to your showerhead that lights blue when the water is below 100 degrees, and turns red when the temp goes above 100. Now that might excite the boys.... )

EcoHome sells lots of other handy energy- and water-saving devices, and are a great one-stop shop. Check 'em out!

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