Monday, March 29, 2010

What's Her Name?

My business is grounded in you and the people you refer to me. When I look back at my business these last few years, the vast majority of it started with an "oh, you should talk with Maureen Kennedy" conversation. Thank you!

I appreciate your confidence, and when I know about the source of a recommendation, I try to say thank you with a bottle of great wine, a stay out in Inverness, or a contribution to a local organization I know you support. And the strength of my business, along with my family's commitment to our town, allows me to contribute dollars and leadership to this community we all love--to our schools, to our arts programs, to Camp Augusta, to the Oakland Museum's school programs, to the food bank and Rubicon, Inc., to the cross country and track teams, and to our inclusive Boy Scout program (celebrating 100 years of Piedmont scouting this year!).

But you have to remember my name.

It's ok. My dad seems to have some issues with this too. When my grandfather passed, he listed me on the memorial service program as Maureen Kennedy-Alt. Around here, I'll respond to anything, but with Dad, it's a bit different. I said to him, "this is really easy: Think 'what's my last name?' And then say, 'oh, yeah, that's Maureen's last name too!'"

If you're not my dad and if you find yourself on a chairlift in Tahoe and need to retrieve my name from your mental rolodex, just think about President Kennedy. Maureen Kennedy's the name. Google "Kennedy Realtor Piedmont" and your friend's good to go!

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