Friday, July 2, 2010

Put September 15th on your Calendar----

Put September 15th on Your Calendar Today!

That's the deadline for submitting an application for a downward adjustment in your property assessment (resulting in a reduction in property taxes). Your current-year assessment will be arriving in the next couple of weeks. If you see a problem, two great resources are:

--The county assessor's site , which includes all the forms and deadlines, and

--This video from the state Board of Equalization, which walks through the process piece by piece.

Remember that only your ''Prop 13'' property tax will be affected by a reassessment; the other charges on your bill (for instance, city and school parcel taxes; and 911, East Bay parks, library bond payments) won't decline. And if you, like we, bought your home a dozen years ago, your assessment is unlikely to have increased in the intervening years to current market value, much less to higher-than-current value.

I'm happy to run comparables for you to build your case, or to see if an appeal is worth it; just ask.

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