Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Trying to Make It Real Compared to What---

Like my family, you all probably decided to move to Piedmont after looking at Berkeley, Montclair, Lafayette/Moraga/Orinda, and Mill Valley/Marin County. I hear it all the time with my new buyer clients: "I should let you know that we're also looking in ....." or better yet, "do you know a great agent who could help us take a look in .....?" (I have tried and true agent contacts in each of these areas.)

But the Piedmont pride nevertheless shines through. I while ago I pulled together a factsheet comparing 2000 census and API schools data on Piedmont and the Lamorinda towns, and over the years I've expanded it to discuss proximity to Chronicle 100 restaurants, and so on.

Over the break, I took a moment to check on updated info from the American Community Survey ('05-'09 data) and to take a detailed look at the Mill Valley vs. Piedmont choice--Konrad grew up in Mill Valley, went to Tam High, and still has lots of friends there, so particularly given the Inverness house, I probably spend four times as much time in Mill Valley as I do through the tunnel these days.

Let me know if you'd like either of the factsheets to pass on to friends and family. If you're looking for what we've got, it's a pretty clear choice!

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