Friday, August 31, 2012

Holiday Weekend Update

Three things:

--Catch Carolyn Said's insightful piece in the Chron today.   In addition to the nuanced insights in her story, I'd add one that came up in our recent successful sale of 225 Hillside:  We had several very serious buyers right off the bat, at the original price.  But each family had bought their current house in their 30s at the top of the market, and then made requisite improvements.  They had plenty of equity and income--buying the house was not the issue.  They were now in their mid-40s and ready to buy the "big" house.  But leaving $500-$700,000 (x% of a big # is a big #) on the table when they sold their old home was an issue. 

--If you're thinking about a move to something in the $650,000 range, take a peek at my colleague Carla Buffington's listing on  Colton in Montclair.  Perfect for boomers--a level-in mid-century classic with the master and a second bedroom or office on the main level, the Golden Gate view you've always secretly wanted, and a nicely renovated private space for guests with a full bath outside and down below.  Close to Sibley so great for dog-owners; in a quiet and park-like area of Montclair yet 2 minutes from latte, groceries and casual carpool.  Definitely displays that classic mid-century space efficiency ("a place for everything and everything in its place"), but what a great price! Open Sunday afternoon.

--The Camp Augusta fundraiser is coming up in a couple of weeks (9/15)--this year the focus is replacing the kitchen.  (Read Randy's cogent case for your donation at that link--man, he's a great camp director!) The Voorhis family is kicking in $150,000 (wow!) if we match it.  So many of our kids got their cherished camp experiences up at Lake Vera.  Take a moment, read Randy's short piece and go ahead and push that donate button.  And if you'd like to attend the event at the Claremont, contact my colleague Julie Gardner, a board member, at  Bid for a long weekend at our Inverness house--it's on the auction list.  In fact, if you win, I'll extend the stay for a whole week!

Enjoy the long holiday weekend!

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