Monday, December 17, 2012

The Not So Open Kitchen After All....

I guess it had to happen eventually. Hemlines go up and down, brass goes "in" and "out," and the Wall Street Journal reports that designers are increasingly enclosing kitchens again.

Not one to be at the cutting edge of fashion (she says in her holiday red-and-green thrift store turtleneck, black poly vest and pants others would use while horseback riding--the dog and I are anxiously awaiting the end of the downpour), I was struck by a town home up in Hiller Highlands that had a recent complete kitchen renovation, yet the owner did not take down the upper wall between kitchen and living room.  I guess she was the smart one!  Maybe to come are moveable kitchen islands with "blank" walls attached; position it in the classic island location demarcating the shift from kitchen to living area in your downtown loft, and it blocks the view of dirty dishes and such.

The illustration in the story that makes no sense to me is the wall of glass between kitchen and dining.  You get the same dirty-dishes view as before, plus a large piece of glass to clean that's forever marred by atomized grease.

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