Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Integrity First

Mark McLaughlin, the owner of Pacific Union, has just finished his 2013 "road show" presentations around the region (we're now a dozen offices with 550 talented, deeply experienced agents, with the capacity and resources that such a sizeable, yet locally owned and managed firm can offer).

He reiterated our history:

"Pacific Union was founded in 1975 to be a different kind of real estate firm. We preferred to create industry standards rather than follow legacy or convention. To act with absolute integrity. To base our success on ethics and results. "

I continue to be struck by how consistently Pacific Union hews to the high road--

  • how consistently agents resist the urge to try to represent both the seller and buyer in a transaction (because let's face it, you can't, even though it's technically legal);
  • how consistently leadership reiterates the need to disclose disclose disclose, whether the condition of a home, or innocent prior relationships between agents and buyers; and
  • how effectively our agents are advised by our legal team about cutting edge issues, or the complications that a frantic market like the current one can generate.
We act this way because it's the right thing to do, but also because it creates a fundamental sense of trust between agent and client.  If your agent tells you in advance that one competing buyer is her tenant, or if your agent tells you in advance that she has a second listing coming to market at a different price point at the same time as yours, or if your agent tells you in advance that she has a second buyer interested in the same property so can't represent you, and is happy to refer you to another agent in her firm or in another firm if you prefer, does your sense of trust increase?  


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