Friday, January 17, 2014

Smart Homes in the Transition from Seller to New Owner

I'm increasingly seeing "smart" homes on the market--whether it's a home with a Nest thermostat (linked only to the former owner's email address), or a Sonos audio system, or a more comprehensive system that manages audio, video, security, irrigation, automated window shades, HVAC, wine cellar, and more.

How should a seller be clear about what is included in the sale?  How does a seller responsibly transfer these technologies to the buyer? How does a buyer ensure that they understand the technology before the seller moves to the next phase of life?  What do we all do if it doesn't work?

I've developed a few resources on this front--inspectors who can review the status of existing equipment, and a checklist to make sure technology doesn't put the transaction at risk.

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