Monday, July 16, 2012

We Don't Miss SF AT ALL!

Every once in a while a client will walk up to me and say with a great deal of seriousness, ''Maureen, we had no idea how good this move would be for us.'' So I pass their insights on to you. Here's the most recent one-- After about 7 years in Glen Park, San Francisco, we moved to Piedmont in March, primarily for the schools. Since our move, our San Francisco friends keep asking us if we miss the City. We have to try to be diplomatic because the truth is we don't miss the City AT ALL. This has been the best move ever. The weather is consistently 8-12 degrees warmer than in the City (I check every day on my commute), plus we have an actual backyard. We love basking in the sunshine outside and can't believe we allowed ourselves to suffer through the fog in the City as long as we did. Because of the better weather, our energetic 3.5 and 5.5 year old boys can spend much more time outdoors, even in the evenings, burning off that little kid energy! Even our dog is happier. She loves hunting for squirrels in Dracena Park (she doesn't actually catch them). The wide sidewalks and beautiful trees make it a delight to go for walks and jogging, and it feels like the parks are an extension of our backyard. We love that the town is so small and has its own Rec Center with a swimming pool. It creates a real sense of community. Being next to Oakland, Rockridge, Berkeley, Lafayette and Walnut Creek, we have plenty to do without going to San Francisco, although the commute is very manageable when we do. So far, we love it!

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