Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Those Nest Folks Just Don't Stop!

You've followed our experience with a <a href=''http://nest.com/thermostat/life-with-nest-thermostat/ ''>Nest</a> thermostat installation.  When you open the box, you feel just as you did when you opened the box containing your first Apple laptop.  I still love holding the screwdriver they included (hey, it comes in handy!).  And I look forward to lots of energy savings this coming heating season.

Well, they sent us all a preview of their newest product--a combined smoke and CO monitor.  Not inexpensive ($129), it can be turned off (when burning toast) with a wave.  Gotta like that.  But the big ah-ha is that it links to your laptop or iPhone.

I'm less confident about the value of that functionality, but I swear to god that if my communication skills ever rival theirs, based on this <a href=''https://store.nest.com/product/smoke-co-alarm/#meet-the-nest-protect''>video</a> on the product, I'll die and go to heaven.

By the way, CA requires a CO monitor on each floor and a smoke detector on each floor and in each bedroom at sale, so relying on these Nest monitors would not be not inexpensive.  But for an older home without good coverage, or in other parts of the country, an integrated CO/smoke detector is a really good thing.

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