Friday, July 11, 2014

I Know It's Not My Listing, But......

I Know It's Not My Listing, But--

Let me mention one of my favorite homes in Inverness, coming on the market this 
weekend, and owned by Piedmonters and Kensingtonians.

125 Vision Rd. Is just a short distance from the tennis court, Inverness Yacht Club
(shallow draft so we're talking kayaks and small boats here....), and downtown Inverness,
including the very well reviewed Saltwater Oyster Depot [].
 Newly high-end grocer Perry's Deli []
is a couple miles towards Olema (location of the Manka's team's new Sir and Star
and Pt. Reyes Station (think Osteria Stellina [],
the Dance Palace [],
Pt. Reyes Books [],
and Cowgirl Creamery []).
  And Kehoe Beach in Pt. Reyes National Seashore, the best dog-walking beach on 
the Pacific Coast, is about 12 minutes away by car-I just got back from my hourlong
Sunday constitutional there as I write this.

See here for the view. []

Formerly owned by the Cheda Garage family, the house was the new new thing in 1957--it's
one of only a few--I can't think of another--mid-century modern homes in town with
a classic south-facing horseshoe shape.  The large living room is bracketed by a
 classic fireplace, and the interior courtyard which draws plenty of light into 
the home.  Totalling 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, with a large garage with interior
 access, it's set on a half-acre lot with heirloom apple orchard already in place--I've
made "Apple Trees at Olema" apple jelly for the garden club's scholarship fundraiser
with permission of the owners and poet-laureate Robert Hass.

And did I mention the steel-reinforced foundation that would have been de rigeur
 in 1957?  And the new roof?  And the dog- and toddler-friendly privacy fence? And
AARP-certified level-living? And 1 hour 10 minutes from Piedmont?

Get into town before the Inverness Fair in early August!  Open this weekend by appointment
and next.  See for more.


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