Friday, July 11, 2014

Renting--or Lending--Out your Home

My daily indulgence is Remodelista, and this week they're focusing on summer rentals, Air BnB, VRBO, and visits to friends--cool ones locally, dramatic ones the world over, hostess gifts, and so on.  Today however, they have a killer list of things to include in your "How the House Works" memo to guests.

You may know that we don't rent out the Inverness house, but do donate it annually to a range of local charities (Tri-School Fundraiser, Camp Augusta, Family Law Violence Center, Berkeley City Club's foundation, Rubicon to name a few). 

Between those folks, and family friends whom we invite to use it when we know we'll be away, there are lots of people who need to know not to even think about putting linens in the washer (because of the high likelihood they will not get in the dryer and thus will be a smelly mess when we arrive a week later.....), and absolutely need to know the WiFi password, how to rarely use the garbage disposal, and where to put compost.   And we've always had a 7-page memo that covers all this and more (kudos to the contractors; best local restaurants).

Our memo performs well when compared to the pro's!

Here's the link:  Remodelista Renter Info Checklist.

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