Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bay Area Wide Market Trends--

If you have an interest in property values elsewhere in the Bay Area--thinking about
a move or looking at current values of an investment property--take a peek at Pacific
Union's regional report for 2Q14 (this quarter's report will be coming out soon--keep an eye on this blog (tinyurl.com/PiedmontHome).

 Lots of data, and it includes nice insights from the various regional VPs--remember
we have offices throughout the Bay Area and in Tahoe, in contrast to the red guys.....

Also Courtesy of Pacific Union, and Christie's International--

You know Pacific Union is the longtime regional affiliate of Christie's InternationalReal Estate, right?  Christie's puts out a great read every quarter--check the last issue out
 here.  It's not just a compilation of big houses!

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