Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Enough about You; Let's Talk about Me (and Pacific Union a tad...)

This has been a very big year for me, and for PacUnion. You've probably seen the

graphically striking full-page ads in the Chron pointing out that we have the most
productive agents ($ sold/agent), the fastest growth rate, and the largest share
 of sold over-$1 million homes throughout the Bay Area.  We've also been getting
 great press and awards for our pacunion.com website, and for our big presence in China.
 We have an office there, key staff have made several visits, all our listings are
uploaded to the Zillow.com equivalent there (with text translated of course) and
 our concierge office here handles incoming inquiries ("I'd like to buy x house 
in Piedmont," as well as "I need a Chinese-speaking agent to help me buy my son 
a condo in Berkeley while he's at UC"), as well as advertising opportunities in 
a range of Asian pubs.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I've sold a bit under $25 million in real estate in
the past year--85% of it in Piedmont.  Prices have ranged from $665,000 to--oops
 I can't tell you because my clients' offer was confidential, and I never violate
a confidentiality commitment.  A bit less than half involved buyers, and I represented sellers (or renters!) for the balance.

Of greatest interest to me is how I stack up against the "typical" sale.  On average,
homes closed in Piedmont at 8% over the asking price over the same period.  In contrast,
looking at my buyers and sellers, my buyers closed at an average 7% below asking,
and my sellers closed at 24.6% above asking.

You can achieve that kind of performance while being a jerk, yelling and screaming,
and developing a reputation among agents and clients for lack of transparency and
ethics.  Actually, I'd argue that you can't, and have always approached my business
hoping to deliver thoughtful, insightful advice in a collegial fashion while keeping
my clients' interests paramount.  Click here for more of what my clients say.

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