Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Appraisal and Inspection at Divorce---

Did you see this short story in the New York Times this week? The key take away is that if you need to estimate value for any reason (including the passing of a relative, etc.), it's good to hire an inspector in addition to your appraiser--

I'll let you in on a secret: I know that there is dry rot at the junction of our rear deck and a shingled pony wall near our property line. It will cost money to fix (and will be fixed before we sell!). It will not be cheap. But if I needed a good estimate of value on this classic 1907 shingle home with its share of quirks, I'd want to reflect that anticipated expense. A mere $600-750 for an inspection (and I have great referrals for you) might save a bundle of heartache and recriminations later!

Note that Nina Johnson, a great networking colleague whom I've written about before for her personal organizing expertise ( put me in touch with a wonderful advocate for a seriously ill neighbor (What in-home care does Kaiser cover? What should I ask my case worker for? Whom do I call for in-home nursing care? How is that different from care from an aid?), along with an architect who specializes in ADA and other accommodation ideas. Let me know if you're facing some off these issues locally and I can pass on these contacts.

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