Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Scouting for Food Pickup Nov. 20th

Piedmont's progressive Boy Scout Council provides a key administrative umbrella for a wide range of Piedmont youth activities--Oakland Strokes, Piedmont Language School, the High School's Community Service Crew, and the Boy Scout programs all operate under its purview.

But maybe the way the Council touches the most lives across the region is during the Scouting for Food Drive.

On Saturday November 20th, yours truly and a number of other adult and scout volunteers will fan out across Piedmont to pick up your donations of canned goods and staples.

If you'd rather join me and go electronic this year, consider a contribution to the Virtual Food Drive: go to this link, read and click on the ''more info'' link, and choose ''Piedmont Council, BSA'' from the Alameda County Food Bank's drop down menu. You can shop for needed staples virtually, or cut to the chase and just donate. This year perhaps more than ever!

And if you forget or know you'll be out of town, just email me and I'll swing over to pick up your canned goods.

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