Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wrapping Up a Renovation

Stopped in at the sleek mid-century home of clients who bought a couple of years ago and are getting close to wrapped up on their renovation, with the help of Piedmont architect Ahmad Mohazab ( What a gorgeous architectural update and what wonderful surfaces!

When I got home, I remembered I'd pulled The Punch List out of Consumer Report's latest Kitchen Planning and Buying Guide (why do I read this stuff given we finally wrapped up our kitchen and bath remodels over a year ago?--For you.....). I'll scan it; just email me for an e-copy. Included are such easy-to-miss items as ''Contractor has provided countertop care instructions'' and ''All light fixtures have working bulbs in them.'' Perhaps most important in Piedmont is ''inspections completed and permit finaled?''

By the way, one of the most satisfying hours I've had in years (what does that mean about me?) was when I picked up adhesive silicon and felt ''buttons'' at the hardware store and walked around the house installing them everywhere a cabinet or window seat lid bumped up against a wall, or a shower door could hit a door jamb, or the microwave door intersected with a shelf edge. It's those final little touches that make all the difference.

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