Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Furnace Filter Story---

Literally, I've been driving around town today thinking, "there must be a killing to be made on self-filtering furnaces. Everybody needs new filters and no one installs them." (Did you know your furnace efficiency can go down 25% with a dirty filter? I found that out. I wasn't thinking that.) "It's just like the old 'pierce with metal funnel and make a mess' oil cans before someone came up with the self-funnel idea--messy, dirty, but essential. And look at that elegant fix. I bet that guy is a quadrillionaire now." But I've found the next best thing to a self-filtering furnace.

Last week I sat down and made a couple of home maintenance appointments--had Harry Clark come and service my furnaces, and scheduled Gorilla Gutters to clear my gutters and downspouts. Every inspection I've been involved with (unless the furnace is new and the asbestos is gone) concludes that the filter is dirty and the furnace should be serviced. Tell me straight. Is your furnace filter clean?

Harry Clark replaced the filter in our basement furnace (disgusting....), but didn't have the unique filter for the attic furnace. It's like that line from What Movie Was It?? Sex and the City? where someone says, "but I hired her as my personal assistant. She's supposed to deal with this stuff. And at the end of the day she comes to me and says 'I don't know how to find an [insert your essential item here]'? UGGHH. I don't think so."

Do you know where to find a 12" by 30" by 1" pleated furnace filter? Not at Ace. Not at Home Depot (they have 10" and 14" but not 12" by 30"....).

Then I ran into a client at Mulberry's--she said, "I change my filters regularly. I get a reminder from my filter provider! I order on-line." Now that's a revolutionary idea! The internet making life immeasurably better.

So I went to AirFiltersDelivered.com just now and ordered the right filters for both furnaces and paid no shipping, and will have fabulous air quality for at least the next three years. And then I'll get reminded by my air filter provider to buy more and replace them. Amazing. Try it!

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