Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How Much Energy IS that Refrigerator Chewing Up?

I'm providing feedback to the NorCal Solar Energy Association on its Resource Guide, and noticed a cool feature they reference in their energy efficiency discussion. Click here to get to a cool lookup function for your refrigerator. Enter the make and model number, and you can see the kilowatt-hours your refrigerator is estimated to consume annually. My SubZero I'm sure consumes way too much compared to the American average (reconfiguring the kitchen would have cost much more than just putting a new SZ in the opening from the old), BUT, I can see that a 2000 model consumed about 80% more energy than our 2004, and it consumes about twice as much as the latest model.

Maybe the best approach is to check your fridge's usage, and then do a quick check of your favorite on the web. Across the state, 20% of total residential energy usage is related to refrigeration--

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