Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bolinas Update--

Took a tour of Bolinas recently with my colleague Terry Donohue (see their great site covering West Marin listings at www.bolinasrealty.com). She helped us find our house in Inverness, but lives and works in Bolinas. It's the same town you remember from 20 years ago BUT a number of political and dot-com heavy hitters have moved into town over the last several years, suggesting an adjustment in political trajectory.

In fact a Google co-founder and Bolinas resident has recently committed to donate a great lot right downtown for a park, subject to the community coalescing around a common gameplan for the space. Terry says they might need an extension of the drop-dead date, but that the community doesn't want to lose the committed land. That's progress!

If you're of a mind to create a second home there or relocate altogether, here are two options:

--51 Brighton is a 3/2 Victorian-era home downtown with a gorgeous redwood-paneled dining room, ready for your vision. On a large lot a tad away from downtown, it's got a rental unit in back (Terry believes it had been a legal rental in the past) and a sizeable garage for the kayak and surfboards. Legacy plants, in need of a new foundation, on city water and sewer, currently overpriced at $1.395 million (see the MLS info here). My sense is that as one repaired the foundation, you could add a further couple feet in height to the basement area and add a full legal floor below. Neither Terry nor I have a relationship to the property, but I'm sure she'd love to show you it!

--The Blue Heron Inn, owned by the same family as the Brighton home, is now on the market. Right downtown next to Terry's office, it has a full restaurant (not currently operational) downstairs and two B&B rooms w/ en suite baths upstairs. The awesome former chef at the Inn would be happy to get back in the saddle with new owners (the former owner recently passed).

Contact me or Terry (terry@bolinasrealty.com) if you want to know more!

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