Thursday, August 27, 2009

Your Property Tax Bill---

I received a call from a client from last year asking about the forms to request a reassessment from the County Assessor's office (see the Assessor's site for a fully functional explanation of this process). She was pleased when I ran a Comparative Market Analysis to show her that her purchase in Piedmont had likely not lost value, despite all the gloom and doom in the local and national papers.

Today, however, I was prepping to meet with clients who purchased their home a couple of years ago, and noticed that the Assessor appeared not to have included the owner-occupant exemption in the tax record. It's not a lot of money--essentially your assessed value is decreased by $7,000 if you are an owner-occupant and file appropriate forms.

To check your record, just click on the link above, click on the link to view your record, enter your address, and scroll down to see if your exemption is listed at the bottom. If not, call 272-3787 and ask the office to send you the appropriate homeowner exemption request form.

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