Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm Never Too Busy for your Referrals!

What I Did this Quarter

You may think I sell houses, but I really help people make great real estate decisions. This quarter I: wrote this e-newsletter filled with useful stuff; met with two different clients to give feedback and advice on their planned renovations; passed on information about green building, insurance, and wills; helped the newly appointed head of a major statewide institution find rental housing; met with a client to discuss the plusses and minusses of selling off a vacant lot; recommended an architect, and a contractor; tracked down low-e film applicators for windows; referred a client to an agent in Contra Costa County (she then bought a home); and another client to an agent in West Marin.

I get paid when you buy or sell a home, when your friends and colleagues buy or sell a home through me, and when I refer you or a friend to a great realtor elsewhere in the region or country. I've carefully developed a network of trusted colleagues in classic second home communities, as well as around the country through my association with the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.

So don't forget to mention me, pass names along to me, or ask for a referral to another agent! I'm never too busy for your referrals!

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