Thursday, August 27, 2009

Life Insurance Policy Updates?

I get a nice newsletter from James Applegate, a MassMutual insurance rep (415-420-9505). His most recent one included a useful set of four check-in/update questions you might ask yourself or your insurance agent. I have to admit, we set up life insurance shortly after moving here and I haven't thought about it much since, so this was a good reminder:

-Research and provide the actual length of time current insurance policy death benefits are guaranteed to last, whether to age 60, 99 or in-between.

-Is my current insurance premium based on the new U.S. Mortality Tables, which lowered costs for many people?

-Should I exchange my current policy, with loans on it, for one with no loans?

-Do I need a beneficiary change form to reflect changes in my life (grown children, grandchildren, spousal or other life change, etc.)?

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