Thursday, August 27, 2009

How 'Bout those Water and Energy Savings?

Recall that we've installed a number of energy- and water-saving devices in the last year or so (I write as the floor refinishers are getting to work--the end is in sight!).

The tankless water heater went in a couple of years ago, and the attic insulation was installed almost exactly a year ago. But the low-flow shower heads and faucets, and two-flush toilets; the auto-on and auto-off light switches and the LED or flourescent lights; the gas fireplace replacing one of the wood-fired ones; the low-VOC paints and high recylcable-content tile--that's all in and the asbestos is out. The utility rebates are in the bank, or, in the case of EBMUD, sitting as a big credit in our account.

The bottom line on the water and energy bills: Since mid-January, our water consumption is down 25% compared to a year ago, and for the first three months of this year, our PG&E bill was $650 less. We're still working on unplugging those computers!

Call or email if you'd like referrals for great color and design advisors, woodwork strippers, cabinet refinishers, painters, countertop installers, floor refinishers, plumbers, tilers, dry rot repairers, window replacers, asbestos removers and heating installers.

The team, led by contractor Bruce Paoli, did really wonderful work. And because we used scrip to pay for much of the materials, the Piedmont schools benefited as well. Ask me how to do that!

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