Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting the House in Order

Feeling out of control? I was as I moved offices, and realized how much deferred maintenance had accumulated in Piedmont while we were focused on Inverness. A colleague mentioned Simply Organized, run by Nina Johnson in Montclair, so I decided to give her a call (482-1619; simply-organized@sbcglobal.net).

What a relief!

We walked through our home identifying issues that were driving me, my spouse, or my kids up the wall. Why does one child refuse to use his dresser to store clothes? Might the big closet under the basement stairs be used for something other than storing the cushions from a couch we no longer own? Where should my home office be located as I've been banned from my library-alcove off the back living room? Does it make sense to put the overflowing paper-recycling box on the floor of the front closet, or the vacuum cleaner in the middle of the stereo closet?

I noticed issues and opportunities I'd not noticed before; Nina made actionable suggestions as she evaluated how our house works. We now have a gameplan and a schedule (and I have a list of projects the boys can easily implement in the next week or so).

I'll report back in a couple of weeks!

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