Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Just Walked Away from $19,000----

For the first time in my real estate career, I had a buyer who wanted to purchase a house I was selling. Rather than write the contract, double end the deal, get twice the brokerage fee, and somehow convince each party that I really had its interests paramount, I handed my buyer-clients to a trusted colleague who was very familiar with the property. The transaction closed smoothly. No conflicts of any kind--we were lucky. Both agent and buyers are from Chicago and love each other, and all parties feel well-served and -represented.

Imagine how difficult these transactions can get if one party changes its mind and wants you to unravel the deal by any means necessary.

Or if the other wants you to extract the same pain and price concessions as their buyers in Miami did to them last spring.

No double-ending here!

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