Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I've Moved!

After several years at Prudential's office downtown, I've shifted to Pacific Union a tad up the hill in Montclair. Being right in the center of town has its merits, but Pacific Union offers tremendously polished and savvy marketing resources for my seller-clients, great name recognition throughout the greater Bay Area and beyond, and a national and international affiliation with Christie's Great Estates.

Most important for me, I've had the chance to work across the table from several really bright, down-to-earth, savvy and gracious businesswomen from Pacific Union over these last couple of years. I thought it was time to join the firm where folks with those backgrounds and values congregate. I'll have more for you soon!

If you've called me for notary services, keep calling--we can just meet at my home or at Mulberry Cafe when it opens--still free, and I'm still at the same cell number and email address: Kennedy@MaureenKennedy.Net .

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